Brass ingots for the sanitary taps and fittings industry

The history of taps and fittings production in Germany is inextricably linked with the Märkischer Kreis region. Bronze cast production in Iserlohn and the surrounding area dates back as far as the 16th century. Towards the end of the 19th century the bundled expertise from the metal trade and the foundries gave rise to the fine art of brass casting and thus the production of water taps and fittings.

Fine-grained brass

While Franz Hillebrand KG in its early days mainly served the regional market, we now deliver the proven Hillebrand quality around the globe. Products made by our customers include two-handle and single-lever mixers, stop valves and kitchen taps for residential and commercial use with top-quality finishes and designs.

It is in this area of application that the brass fine-grain quality, with its high fluidity for complex internal structures with different wall thicknesses for the castings and its excellent polishing properties, has become the material of choice. We also produce dezincification resistant and low-lead fine-grained brass.

Brass qualities in accordance with the current Drinking Water Directive we supply to the sanitary taps and fittings industry include:

  • Ms-60 fine grain polishable CuZn39Pb1AlB-B (CB755S) in accordance with DIN EN 1982:2008
  • MS-63 fine grain polishable, dezincification resistant CuZn35Pb2Al-B (CB752S) in accordance with DIN EN 1982:2008

Ingot brass according to customer specifications

Based on the standards mentioned above we also produce ingot brass according to your specifications as well as low-lead brass qualities.
The alloys are further processed by our customers using low-pressure and gravity casting processes.

Among our customers are all renowned sanitary taps and fittings manufacturers in Germany and worldwide. We look forward to you contacting us too!