Metal recycling

Family-owned Franz Hillebrand KG has specialised in metal smelting, metal recycling and trading of non-ferrous metals since 1950.

In our modern separation plants at our Wilnsdorf location we are able to recover leftover material from our own production processes as well as from the foundries of our customers for further metallurgical processing.

By re-introducing the recovered metals into the production cycle (recycling) we achieve the highest possible yield from the base material for our customers. We thus follow the principles of efficient and conscious use of resources. Metal recycling is also more energy-efficient than producing virgin metal.

Brass – like other metals – can be recycled over and over again. With high energy prices and resources becoming increasingly scarce, recycling is becoming ever more important. The energy consumption is well below (10 – 20%) that for producing virgin metal from ore and ore reserves are being left for future generations.

Foundry Dross

Naturally we also buy foundry dross from our customers, which we process into brass ingots.