Building services

In addition to renowned manufacturers of sanitary taps and fittings, our customers also include many producers of components for building services systems. Their products are required for water supply, heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems and gas installations.

Quality brass

These applications usually require brass qualities that are not so much defined by surface polishability, but rather by processability, mechanical properties and flow characteristics.

In this area too, the brass fine-grain quality, with its high fluidity for complex inner structures with different wall thicknesses for the castings, has become the material of choice. We also produce dezincification resistant and low-lead fine-grained brass.

Brass qualities we supply to the building services industry (also in accordance with the current Drinking Water Directive) include:

  • Ms-60 fine-grain CuZn39Pb1AlB-B (CB757S) in accordance with DIN EN 1982:2017
  • MS-63 fine-grain, dezincification resistant CuZn35Pb2Al-B (CB770S) in accordance with DIN EN 1982:2017
  • Ms-die casting alloy CuZn33Pb2Si-B (CB7515S) in accordance with DIN EN 1982:2017

Ingot brass according to your requirements

Based on the standards mentioned above we also produce ingot brass according to your specifications as well as low-lead brass qualities.
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