Metal smelting plant Franz Hillebrand KG

For more than 70 years we have produced copper cast alloys in our own smelting plant. In the early years we smelted Hillebrand metal at company headquarters in Iserlohn, which is a region that is famous for its large number of metal-working businesses. Since 1984 – and at this stage exclusively – we have been producing our metal at our Wilnsdorf plant.

The production capacity of our metal smelter is about 7,000 - 8,000 tons of ingot metal per annum. We smelt using state-of-the-art inverter technology in induction crucible furnaces. This technology enables efficient smelting of metals with regard to metal yield and energy consumption. It also makes changing between different alloys easier and thus provides more flexibility.

Franz Hillebrand KG is renowned for polishable, fine-grained brass alloys for the sanitary taps and fittings industry (cast brass). Surface finish and grain structure as well as meeting precise customer specifications are paramount for us. Our main products are alloys made according to customer specifications and comply with DIN EN 1982:2017 and all drinking water standards.

In addition we produce copper cast alloys for the building services industry, the mechanical engineering industry as well as the automotive supply industry.  

Our range of products includes:

  • Fine-grained brass,
  • Low-lead and lead-free brass,
  • Dezincification resistant brass,
  • Special brass alloys,
  • Aluminium bronzes,
  • CuZn alloys according to customer specifications.

With their consistently high levels of quality and their excellent performance properties in manual as well as automatic casting, Hillebrand ingots are in high demand, both nationally and internationally.