Our memberships in associations


The Organisation of European Copper Alloy Ingot Makers (OECAM) is an association of companies producing copper cast alloys, e.g. brass, bronze, gunmetal and special alloys in the form of ingots, continuous casting and other formats.

Franz Hillebrand KG has been a member of OECAM since the year of its foundation, 1989. Since September 2001 one of the partners at Franz Hillebrand KG, Rebecca Hillebrand-Busch, has been active on the board of OECAM as treasurer of the organisation.


The Trade Association of the German Non-Ferrous Metal Industry (WVMetalle) represents the interests of the non-ferrous metal industry with approximately 654 companies and more than 110,000 employees with regard to economic policy. It represents the interests of producers and processors in particular concerning foreign trade, environmental, tax, energy and transport policies.

DIN CEN/TC standard committee

As part of the copper cast alloy technical committee we also participate in the European standard committee CEN/TC 133 WG7. It deals with the EN 1982 standard that regulates the chemical composition of ingot metal as part of the amendment of the Drinking Water Directive. The standard committee comprises all leading and interested representatives of the relevant industries (e.g. metal producers and manufacturers of taps and valves). Franz Hillebrand KG’s Marc Busch is actively involved in the technical committee CEN/TC.