Buying of small quantities, non-ferrous metals

We continuously buy non-ferrous metal scrap for our ingot production, also from sources where only small quantities occur and from private households for cash. We take mostly pure material. Impurities from iron, plastics and other material may therefore reduce prices.

Our locations

You can deliver directly to the following locations:

  • Essener Str. 4, 57234 Wilnsdorf: from 7am until 3pm
  • Kastanienallee 15, 58638 Iserlohn: from 8am until 3pm

Alternatively you can contact us in advance:

  • By phone: +49 (0)2371 / 95378-0
  • Or by email using our contact form.

Your non-ferrous metals

Please see below for an extract from the list of metals we buy:

  • Brass, e.g. taps and fittings, valves, ornaments, castings, pipes, door handles and sheets,
  • Copper, e.g. pipes, gutters, copper cable stripped and unstripped and wire,
  • Zinc, e.g. gutters, sheets, zinc-alloy castings,
  • Aluminium, e.g. profiles, tableware, wheels, window frames, castings, signs and plates,
  • Lead, e.g. pipes and lead flashing,
  • Stainless steel, e.g. sinks, tableware and pans,
  • Tin, e.g. ornaments, plates and cups,
  • Gunmetal and bronze, e.g. valves, taps and fittings and artistic castings,
  • Aluminium bronze,
  • Nickel silver,
  • Nickel.