Other industries, special brass alloys

It is not just the base metals copper and zinc that can be melted together excellently. Alloys with numerous beneficial characteristics are produced by adding additional elements like aluminium, iron, manganese, nickel, silicon and tin.

Special brass

Brass alloys with additives of this type are also known as special brass. Mechanical properties such as tensile strength, proof stress, elongation at break and hardness are modified by adding the aforementioned additional elements to the alloy.

Our customers in the special brass sector manufacture wearing parts, parts for bearings, bushings, rings, plates, trays, discs and other products in sandcasting, die casting, centrifugal casting and continuous casting processes. Their products are used in mechanical engineering and vehicle construction.

Ingot qualities

Ingot qualities that we supply to users of special brass alloys include:

  • CuZn16Si4-B (CB761S) according to DIN EN 1982:2017
  • CuZn25Al5Mn4Fe3-B (CB762S) according to DIN EN 1982:2017
  • CuZn32Al2Mn2Fe1-B(CB763S) according to DIN EN 1982:2017
  • CuZn34Mn3Al2Fe1-B/(CB764S) according to DIN EN 1982:2017
  • CuZn35Mn2Al1Fe1-B(CB765S) according to DIN EN 1982:2017

Based on the standards mentioned above we also produce ingot brass according to your company’s specifications.

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