Our strengths – top-quality brass ingots for every need

We have been a leading manufacturer of copper-zinc alloys, specialising in polishable brass ingot material with a fine-grained structure (fine-grained brass), for over 50 years. The experience of many decades in manufacturing brass alloys, together with our tireless commitment and continuous recorded monitoring of all production processes, guarantees the highest levels of constant quality, which are synonymous with the Hillebrand name.

  • Service: not only do we supply you with our ingot material; we also, if required, collect your old material and production process leftovers for new brass ingots or cash.
  • Flexibility: having our own transport fleet makes us independent. Our efficient internal logistics department enables us to deliver to your company just in time.
  • Quality: our state-of-the-art measuring technologies are used, for example, to continuously document the quality control of the brass ingots. This ensures extremely precise and safe working processes.
  • Environment: taking responsibility for our environment has always come naturally to us. Regular audits ensure the success of our company’s environmental policies. We recover, for example, waste heat from our metal smelter to heat offices and utility rooms as well as water. This contributes towards reducing CO2 emissions. Our generously dimensioned filter systems are also an integral part of our sustainable and ecologically responsible company philosophy.

We are happy to advise you in selecting the right brass qualities for your needs, and together we will find an analytical procedure to suit you. Make the most of our strengths, talk to us! One of our personal advisors is always ready to take your call.