Ingot brass (fine-grained brass)

Welcome to our website! Franz Hillebrand KG is an owner-managed business, which was founded in 1950 in Iserlohn, North Rhine-Westphalia.

Metal smelting

We have been a leading manufacturer in the sector of copper-zinc alloys for over 70 years. Our brass smelter is located in Wilnsdorf. We specialise in polishable brass ingot material with a fine-grained structure (fine-grained brass) for manufacturers of sanitary taps and fittings and the building services industry.

In addition we produce special brass for mechanical engineering applications and the automotive industry.

Metal recycling

We process recyclable and leftover material from the production processes of our customers and offer processing and recycling of residues and waste containing metal in our own separation plants.

Metal trading

We trade all types of nonferrous metals nationally and internationally. We use some of our inventory of brass, copper, zinc, aluminium, lead, stainless steel, gunmetal, bronze, aluminium bronze, nickel silver and nickel for further processing in our own smelter. We also buy small amounts of metal.

Quality management

As a family-owned company steeped in tradition, quality and service are paramount for us. Our own fleet of vehicles supplies our production lines with material and delivers the finished products to our customers.

With 70 years of experience in metal smelting, metal recycling and metal trading as well as continuous monitoring of all production processes we guarantee the highest levels of quality, which are synonymous with the Hillebrand name. Furthermore we have been actively involved in different organisations and associations for many years.

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